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“Each new level of complexity, for Meillassoux, stems from an unpredictable event that surpasses the horizon of what came before while still formally respecting its laws. Meillassoux argues, for instance, that no one could have predicted that organic life would emerge from inorganic matter. The principle of life is not simply an extension of the principles governing inert matter, though life still rests on a foundation of matter. Similarly, human consciousness is qualitatively different from mere organic life, even though it relies on an organic foundation. One cannot account for the decisive events that brought about life and consciousness in terms of what came before—indeed, a (necessarily hypothetical) observer would have regarded them as impossible. Nevertheless, Meillassoux believes that we can trace out the shape of the next event that will transcend humanity as we know it.” Adam Kotsko


Mom (Above) informed the rest of the family that she needed what the kids call “me time.” After the dishes were picked up from lunch she was very direct when she said, “Make yourself useful and scram!”

What follows therefore is not about the Republican Party unless you want it to be about the Republican Party. Otherwise it is a touching, but eventually heartbreaking tale of a boy named Travis and his dog, Old Yeller.

The human brain does an interesting thing when we get to be about nine or ten years-old. We can work creatively, but we can only work creatively using objects we are familiar with. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised if a kid that age were to write a short story about Harry Potter or Sponge Bob helping Scooby Doo solve mysteries. This topic came up this week when Alaska Wolf Joe said he and some friends to see Django Unchained, a movie he said was good, but not great. Tying these together – I gave AWJ my take that Quentin Tarantino is the film directing equivalent of the nine or 10 year-old brain. There’s no doubt that he creates, but what he creates is largely just the juxtaposition and the careful placement up of objects already in his environment.

Let’s pause here so you babies will stop screaming -this is not a judgement of his work, rather a statement of fact. As far as I’m concerned Jackie Brown is probably one of the best movies made in the past 20 or 30 years. Taken as a whole it’s pretty obvious that Q-T will trod the ground he is most familiar with and it’s unlikely that he would ever come up with a touching, but evenutally heartbreaking tale of a boy named Travis and his dog, Old Yeller.

Or maybe he will – QED.

Discussing Tarantino lead to the discussion of another Quentin, the above mentioned Quentin Meillassoux. Meillassoux seems insistent on manipulating objects in his environment too. He was fond of using Hume in his first book published in English to show how Hume’s essay on causality was flawed from which he and a couple of others derived the new post-post modern concept of Neorealism.

Neorealism’s tenet can be explained as follows:

Humans are totally reliant on reality for their survival.

Reality is in no way dependent on humans for its survival.

Put another way – a tree in the forrest doesn’t need an audience to fall and make a sound.

Neorealists also spend some time cutting away at the more solipsistic elements of post modern epistemology. This is why it is possible to be something of a syncretist by adhering to Neorealist epistemology while still having a deconstructionist view of literature.

So where is all this going?

While you were busy with the election and your friend Cliff’s physical there was a subtle shift in thinking in 2012. The prefix anthro- got attached to a great many words which only lead to questions about whether or not it belonged there. (In some cases it is justified as the geologists now call this the Anthrolithic Age as humans have had the greatest impact on the surface of the planet.) So use or over use of anthro- means that in 30-plus years we went from being the Me Generation to the We Generation, and therefore it’s tip to take a little bow, or tip our collective hat, and move to the back of the Weltanschauung.

Fun huh?

Which of course leads you to ask, “So you’re saying Obama’s re-election caused for all you theory and studies types to come out of the woodwork?”

Darn tootin’!

This is going to be the bestest four years ever!

You’ll see!

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  1. Fearless Lieder

    Down here in the anthill of local gummint we are about to embark on our local budgetary process. Unlike up on Mt. Olympus where the.. uh… Olympians treat it like the annual micturition tournament, we are lowly unimaginative beings who look at our past expenses, project them into the future, make a list of Big Expensive Things we will need and plan accordingly to come up with the money.

    In other words, we make a budget using the things we are familiar with. Then we build a big bonfire and dance around it, praying that we will not be thrown off Fiscal Cliff into neighboring Millington Gorge. Oddly enough, at no time have we been viewing our actions in the light of post-modernism. I’ll work on adding that aspect next year, right after we get done issuing our annual letters of marque and raising the tax on groats.

    Please have a Happy New Year. In fact, that’s an order, soldier.

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