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  1. Fearless Lieder

    I’m still trying to figure out how the WPIX-TV logo got in there. That was channel 11 in the pre-mordial, pre-cable Pleistocene here in the NYC market. They were owned by the Daily News. Programming consisted mainly of episodes of Three Stooges plus the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

    Based on conversations with my daughter’s friends, what they think of as “the Sixties” was really the Seventies. This sort of cultural/temporal displacement leaves the actual Sixties in a limbo demarcated somewhere between Mad Men and Schoolhouse Rock; a reality so bizarre and unfathomable that it has disappeared in an act of collective memory loss. A Ginnungagap between the realm of ice (the Fifties) and the realm of fire (the Seventies).

    E.g. Dragnet 1967, if played for these people, would simply seem like 30 minutes of static. Only if you lived through it does it appear real.

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