“Actions are visible, though motives are secret.” Dr. Johnson

This was the week where I started out with somewhat less than half an idea about what to write and, as the long-time readers will tell you, I’ve never let a little thing like that stop me from going off half-cocked. Life’s too short to wait for a complete idea and if we all waited for one there’d be nothing on the Interweb(s). But as the week progressed I was completely blindsided by an incident that shot my concentration all to hell. It was brief, it was spectacular, and it was white hot.

And I am not in any position to cough up the details.

Mom calls it The Curse of Knowing (tm pend) – you know it, but you can’t do anything about it. Right now it’s something I can’t talk about because I’m not really supposed to know about it. Which is not to say that if the shit would stop getting so close to the fan in six or so months I could disclose everything. Redaction is worthless as it was a purely oral exchange. But if there was a redacted transcript all you’d see would be the articles, prepositions,conjunctions, and wave after wave of obscenities. Until then I can only hold on and tell you what you’re missing.

At one point Speaker A put forth an idea. While Speaker A was able to finish the thought Speaker B took offense to something stated very early on and that was that. The rest of the time was taken up by Speaker B who performed the delicate act of walking the fine line making sure that everyone was blamed while making sure everyone felt equally threatened. The tone was surprising in that just when you thought the bellowing would boil down to “COME AND GET ME COPPERS!” it would pirouette into something much more “NOBODY GETS OUT OF HERE ALIVE!”

Had the incident been a sitcom from the 1980s it would have begun with the words, “Tonight on a very special epidsode of…” and ended with everyone hugging having learned a very valuable lesson. But that wasn’t the case as this is the 21st Century where everyone believes as Emperor Palpatine does – hate gives you focus, it makes you strong.

Having said all that I know what you’re thinking, “Was there a threat to tattle?”


Please don’t think I’m taking it lightly as I held off to talk about it at the end. It’s more of a case that I’m just not sure who this very important authority figure is who will be on the receiving end of the tattling. I could Google the name or run a quick search on LinkedIn, but that would negate the essential half-assedness required of any post on this page. (QED 1999-present)

And we can’t have that.

With that I must take my leave. I have to prove that no self-respecting Bolshevik can go about his business without first having obtained a library card. Until then here’s some music to make you feel old.

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